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CEDS PROJECT SUBMISSIONS- Rolling Submission through September 9 2022

2022 CEDS Projects submissions are rolling, with a submission deadline of September 9th to be reviewed in Fall 2022. Please use the links below to access forms to submit. 
For those who have already submitted projects for this year (in late 2021/early 2022) your project will automatically be included in this period! If there have been any changes to your project since you submitted in late 2021, please take a minute to revisit and revise your submissions for accuracy and add any new developments using the Project Update Submission below.
While submissions will remain open on a rolling basis, we will be shifting future timelines to this course: submissions by summer, review by fall. This adjustment will better align the CEDS cycle with a series of state and federal funding initiatives, some of which emerged in response to the pandemic. These programs are remarkably well-attuned to the public and nonprofit development work that is integral to the CEDS Project Submission process. Going forward, synchronizing the CEDS timeline with these initiatives will help local organizations amplify their work and prepare for additional investments.
If you have any questions, please email
What form should you use?

If you have never submitted a project to the Southern Vermont CEDS: New Project Submission form. 

If you submitted a project in 2019 -2021 to the Southern Vermont CEDS: Project Update Submission form.

(If you cannot remember what year you've submitted your project, view the project list below)

If you submitted in late 2021/early 2022 for 2022 consideration, your project or update will automatically be included. IF YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO A PROJECT PREVIOUSLY SUBMITTED FOR 2022, PLEASE USE THE PROJECT UPDATE SUBMISSION ABOVE!   

If you'd like to see the form prior to submission, please use this PDF to prepare your submission. PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept submissions through the online form above

If you'd like to see the form prior to submission, please use this PDF to prepare your submission. PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept submissions through the online form above



The CEDS is a federally-approved action plan for growing the Southern Vermont economy with a regional public process. Each year the CEDS is updated with new and updated “CEDS Projects” submissions which highlight projects, programs, and activities that address Southern Vermont’s greatest needs and enhance the region’s competitiveness.


CEDS Project submissions are reviewed and ranked on how each project will advance and impact the CEDS objectives, as well as readiness to begin, partners, and investments made. While the inclusion of a project in the CEDS does not guarantee future investment, it does indicate to federal, state, and philanthropic funders that the project is aligned with the region’s economic and community development goals. This annual process also ensures regional and statewide organizations have a clear understanding of southern Vermont projects in the works or underway. 


A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Bennington and Windham Regions

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