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Southern Vermont CEDS: Projects

Every year, we update our CEDS with a list of current projects from around the region. Please stay tuned for details on submitting a project for 2024!


Congratulations to our 2023 Vital Projects:

  • Alice Holway Drive Homes - Windham & Windsor Housing Trust

  • Bellows Falls Intermodal Transportation Center - Town of Rockingham

  • Bennington High Redevelopment Project - Hale Resources LLC

  • Creating Infrastructure for a Regional Food System - Food Connects

  • Ledgewood Heights Playground - Brattleboro Housing Opportunities Inc

  • Pipelines and Pathways Program - Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

  • SEVT Brattleboro Bus Facility - Southeast Vermont Transit

  • Southern VT Flood Mitigation Plan - Vermont River Conservancy

  • Tri-Park Master Plan Projects - Tri-Park Cooperative Housing Corporation

  • Welcoming Communities - Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation 

Read more about these projects and the selection process here

Having projects included in the CEDS indicates that your project is aligned with regional goals -- which bolsters funding applications and can improve visibility with potential funders who may be looking for opportunities in specific areas. Projects can be … - Physical improvements to facilities and infrastructure - Community programs, from summer camps to workforce initiatives - In any stage, from planning to implementation - Previously submitted (updates are valued, even if the project is already on the CEDS list) ​Projects must be submitted before September 8, 2023.

The CEDS is a federally-approved action plan for growing the Southern Vermont economy with a regional public process. Each year the CEDS is updated with new and updated “CEDS Projects” submissions which highlight projects, programs, and activities that address Southern Vermont’s greatest needs and enhance the region’s competitiveness. ​ CEDS Project submissions are reviewed and ranked on how each project will advance and impact the CEDS objectives, as well as readiness to begin, partners, and investments made. While the inclusion of a project in the CEDS does not guarantee future investment, it does indicate to federal, state, and philanthropic funders that the project is aligned with the region’s economic and community development goals. This annual process also ensures regional and statewide organizations have a clear understanding of southern Vermont projects in the works or underway.  ​

 Bennington Region Projects Contact 

Jonathan Cooper, BCRC

(802) 442-0713 x312

 Windham Region Projects Contact 

Rachel Shields Ebersole, BDCC

(802) 257-7731 x218

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